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Jaki Bogg

I am Jaki Bogg

School was not a great place for me, in fact, I’d go as far as to say that it bored me. There were some lessons, however, which did have the opposite effect and even excited me: Classics, Geography, Art and History.
I’ve subsequently gone on to get a degree in Photography and Fine Art a masters in Textiles and a PGCE and the more interesting lessons from my school days have been my inspiration ever since. Art for the most obvious reasons, geography for the insight into the planet’s past in the form of fossils, land strata and ancient fauna and flora, history and the classics for its drama and storytelling inspiration..

And a Bit More

I have been a painter, and still use this genre to plan colours and compositions for my knitwear. Using oils as my medium and landscape as my subject matter, in addition to wanting to represent or replicate its obvious beauty, I have opted to create and explore various aesthetic elements, like light, colour, and texture, and additionally, to tell a story and illustrate an idea.

I have taught art and design, fashion and textiles for over 30 years, in schools and colleges. I now put all that experience to further use here in Skipton and in Limoges, France. My subject matter is now more specifically, confidence! I create short workshops that hopefully engage people but more importantly inspire and excite!

I am also a knitwear designer, dyeing my own yarn, trying to create an extensive range of colours, which I could use like a painting palette in order to interpret an idea of certain feelings: heat, pleasure, relaxation, colour, history, landscape and texture.

A few of my most recent designs are

Siena, Giotto and Angelico; inspired by 2020 lockdown,

Wednesday, October and Judith; inspired by nature and colour,

The Fury; inspired by COP26!

Far from being an uncomfortable place, lockdown had been a space for exploration. I took full advantage, and it seems that it has been a catalyst for change.
I hope you enjoy my collections and workshops as much as I enjoy creating them.

jaki bogg

In addition to selling online and at Fairs and Markets, Jaki also has a studio space in Skipton and sells in the shared Craven Arts Space at the bottom of Skipton High Street.
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